Friday, April 25, 2014

The New Form of Bullying

Picture a couple of average, white, young men with a little facial hair,hanging out watching CBS or Fox report on bullying,and bemoaning the sad state of affairs that gets some of our more tender kids bullied at school by some kid with a nasty attitude. They decide to go for a bike ride. One on his Lemond, another on his Moots, they ride onto a 2 lane street in a busy commercial boutique neighborhood. They keep to the right until a Porsche passes. They pull out into the center of the northbound lane immediately in front of an old Cadillac Escalade driven by an old man(me),with his equally old wife, that has to slow down not to get too close onto them. With no regard for the cars behind them, they occupy the center of the northbound lane and pedal along with thier narrow butts high in the air as an exclamation point to the disdain they have for the occupants of the(now)several cars they are slowing badly. There is a good distance of clear southbound lane, so the Cadillac(I am the old man driving it) pulls out and passes the bikers. It is as though the bikers suddenly realized how badly they were stalling traffic. They began to pedal almost frantically. At that point, I realized that I had somehow actually insulted them, and they were CHASING me. Traffic had slowed down due to some street parking, and I could see these dudes were really pissed off, and were going to confront me. One of the dudes stopped in front of the car and the other approached my window. I think that at that point, I was supposed to be quaking like an Aspen leaf in the wind. I put my car in park, and rolled down the window. I believe I said something to the effect that "you arrogant, entitled, dickheads need some manners, and need to learn the rules of the road. I was not aware that bikers paid any road tax at all." They seemed surprized that I did not keep my window shut and quiver while they posturedaround the hapless offenderof thier righteous self declared entitlement. It ended with one of them assaulting my rearview mirror and then they rode off. I got a grip on the bacbag of the rearview mirror attacker, but he slipped the grip and fled with the parting invective "damn conservatives"! I wonder whether they gained any insight on the two types of bullying they carried out in one bike ride. Maybe my bumper sticker condemning socialism or supporting the Wounded Warrior Project was what set them off. Avagadro602

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Which is it Harry, Alzheimer's, or are YOU just a liar??

Remarkably, yesterday the Senate majority leader Harry Reid, declared that he did not, or had no recollection of his emphatic statement, recorded on video and reported by MSM and cable news from the senate Podium, that ALL the Americans who were reporting flaws and failures of the ACA were LIARS.(He read it, the text exists!) The fact that Harry's Senate diatribe against the supposed LIARS was recorded and reported, and he did not remember it at all, seemed to be easy to ignore by the MSM. Sorta like when a favorite uncle is excused from mental lapses till he "suddenly" mistakes his car keys for a hat !! Harry has done this in the past….remember his Senate floor reporting during the 2012 that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in years. Dead silence from the MSM, no criticism of "uncle" Harry for his lie, or is it his hat, or his car keys ?? What is it, Harry, are you losing it, or are you just a malignant liar yourself ?? Those blows to the head as a boxer do take a toll on the Betz cell population, have they caught up with you ? Where is this country headed when the leader of the most powerful body of the most powerful country in the world is either a liar, or is losing his mind, and the MSM is blissful silent ? Avagadro602

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Fantasy of the One Worlders

A recent adventure trip in Vietnam and Cambodia allowed me to interact closely with several Cambodians and Vietnamese. I was most interested in hearing about both their ancient and their recent history. What became clear to me was that for over 10 centuries, there have been wars between one group of citizens and another on an ongoing basis. Even on that (relatively) small peninsula, now comprised of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, these peoples have most always found something to go to war over. Peace was not the rule, and they found reasons to fight and kill each other when not warring with a neighbor. Pol Pot genocides in Cambodia, and North Vietnam-South Vietnam war  come to mind.

Flash forward to the Malaysian Flight 370 debachle. With hundreds of innocent lives in the balance, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India did not trust each other enough to share information in a timely manner. Australia and the US may have been holding out too. We will never know.

Look toward the Middle East, and to Africa, both with bloody internal and external conflicts, mostly on ethnic and religious grounds.. Then there is Russia, invading a peaceful Ukraine. Militant Islam wants to convert or kill everybody!

With the above as background, now picture a world where there is no conflict. Neighbor loving neighbor. Where there is blissful peace among peoples of all ethnicities and religions. Can you picture that? Ever? There are people who can and do. They are called "One Worlders", "Bilderbergs", "Supranationalists", "Globalization Advocates", "Trilateralists". They are either wannabe tyrants, or unbelievably naive!

The only way that "One World" could possibly happen would be through devastating tyranny, administered by a ruthless and all powerful few, with misery for all except the rulers, ironically, ostensibly, for the "common good". Those who object would need to be "eliminated". The Orwellian model of "Big Brother" in "1984", "The Handmaids Tale" by Rachel Lindsey, Brazil, Soylent Green, and "Animal Farm" expose the lie. Power and money in the hands of  despotic, allegedly beneficent tyrants. That is "Globalization".
The CO2/man made global warming hoax falls perfectly into their plans.

Who has signed on to this "Globalization" principle? The list is long, even George H.W. Bush spoke of "the new world order". Dedicated "One Worlders include Obama, liberal economist Paul Krugman, Al Gore, Hillary("it takes a village") Clinton, George Soros, Jimmy Carter, Practically everone at the UN, the WTO(World Trade Organization). Most all recent presidents, both Democrat and Republicans(not Reagan) have given some nod to the idea.

Fantasy, think about it. Be afraid!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Kill 11 million People

Last week, Harry Reid, from the podium of the most powerful body of the most powerful country in the world, looked into the camera, and spoke into the microphone of the US Senate, statements that he KNEW were  lies, that all claims of suffering under Obamacare were simply lies.

The same week, Nancy Pelosi spoke from the podium of the US House of Representatives, statements that she new were lies about the Republican Party, and the tea party.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly lied about the Affordable Care Act(Obamacare). The president seems capable of saying ANYTHING he needs to in order to sway opinion in his favor. "You can keep your healthcare plan..period!!" is one of his biggest lies.

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, knowingly told, and allowed to be told, a WHOPPER about the Benghazi murders by terrorists in Libya, blaming them on a movie.

Attorney General Holder lied about his and the WH's knowledge of the horrible misguided and deadly "Fast and Furious" debacle. When finally backed into a corner to tell the truth, he had to be saved with Obama's "Executive Privilege" gambit.

Lois Lerner of the IRS Has lied by declaring innocense, and immediately taking "The Fifth".

Stunning silence on the part of the MSM , press, and television has been the response. Silence is all we have recieved. The only reportage of significance has been on a cable TV station that has been criticized publicly by the above named liars. We the people are being kept uninformed by a press that is selectively reporting events as thier bias there allows them to ignore and not probe the many obvious lies that are shamelessly told to us.

Mr. Andy Andrews wrote, about 3 years ago, a little book titled: "How Do You Kill 11 Million People". The book was about how Hitler, and the Nazis, between 1933 and 1945 were able to exterminate 11 million Jews. The short answer YOU LIE TO THEM, with a complicit MEDIA. Of course part of those lies allowed weapons "registration and then confiscation" to occur, and a total lack of information as to what was happening to the Jews that "went away to work". In short, the trusting Jews were systematicly dumbed down and disarmed in the early years of the 3rd Reich. When the few remaining Jews finally realized what was really happening, thier heroism was too little-too late. A recent book by Iranian Jew Ari Babaknia, "Humanity, Not" is recommended to remind all of us that ignorance is not bliss. Also comes to mind the quote of Ben franklin(paraphrased), that "those who give up liberty in the name of security may soon have neither".

We the people are being lied to, dumbed down, and if certain folks have their way, disarmed. Is ther a message here??? We desparately need an infusion of honesty and unbiased reporting in this Republic.


Test Blog, blog, blog

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Putin's Achilles Heel is Energy

As I watch the sad events of the Ukraine unfold, I am reminded of the way that the POTUS managed the Iranian student uprising, the Syrian uprising, the Egyptian uprising, and the Venezuelian uprising.

There is little to expect from our POTUS in this latest unrest. Clearly active military intervention cannot be a reasonable approach, when Eastern Europe and Western Europe are disinclined to act. We may waste fuel and dollars moving ships around, but Mr. Putin has taken the measure of our man, and he knows that he has Obama in a checkmate, or should that be a Ukrainemate.

The most logical way to get Mr. Putin's attention and respect, is through ENERGY. Sales of Russian oil and gas  coming through the Ukraine to Europe are essential to Putin's economy. The US, with Canada's help, could get Mr. Putin's attention by flooding the European market with cheaper US and Canadian oil and gas which we can produce. That would even shore-up some sagging US-Europe relations, make us richer, happier, reduce our energy costs, and help the overall economy. The Europeans might even start to respect us again. What's not to like here?

Enter the anti-fossil fuel zealots, you remember them? They are the people who do not know enough chemistry or botany to know that without CO2 we could not exist! Repeat after me, "CO2 and H2O in the presence of chlorophyll and light produce SUGAR"….WOW. It is part of the carbon cycle. CO2 IS Carbon and Oxygen! Back to political reality now. Our POTUS could not even consider the "energy gambit" to destroy Russia's power without incurring the wrath of his far left base, many of whom admire the Soviets, and do not care so much for us greedy capitalist anyway.

These folk have been willing to screw our economy out of cheaper energy and recession recovery They have been "looking away" while Don Quixote Obama has literally been out tilting windmills!

So there will be no Obama move to speed up the Keystone Pipeline, free up drilling sites, get out of the way of fracking. We will not hear a single utterance from a single Democrat on this subject. We may not even hear a word from Republicans. Tea Partiers, with  nothing to lose, their reputation already semi-successfully trashed by the MSM, might speak up. I hope so!

Pray for the Republic

Saturday, February 22, 2014

PC on Steriods

The PC police have invented an astounding new forme fruste of  PC disease, called #microagression. It takes the art of twisting and sterilizing the English language to new heights. The emphasis here seems to be that we can manage to offend someone without having the slightest idea of the logic that the offended party used to decide that they were hurt, offended, insulted, diminished, disrespected. The natural extension of this new and exciting PC hazard dictates that body language and facial expressions are also clearly fair game when deciding that some bastard(oops..sorry) has become a bigot or racist, or clod.

What a deal for whiners(oops..sorry). Complete freedom to proclaim victimhood anywhere, anytime. Do not take my word for this!! Take a couple of anti-nausea suppositories(gets you closer to what you are about to read), and Google # microagression to read the pathetic whining that people are capable of.     Is this silliness to be allowed to sterilize our colorful, beautiful, language, destroy metaphor and humor, in the name of WHAT?

Emerson wrote:
Tho you travel the world to find the beautiful,
You must carry it with you or you find it not.

For PC people:
Tho you search the word to find the ugly, the insult,
You must carry it with you or you find it not.